biodiversity and disease spread

Tufts alum Kathryn Sulzner promotes improved integration and better training of veterinary professionals into the field of conservation medicine and ecosystem health. She encourages collaboration with wildlife biologists and ecologists to identify newly emerging zoonotic diseases and work together to restore ailing ecosystems. (Kat Sulzner, Katie Sulzner, Kate Sulzner)
Allows veterinarians to participate in worldwide veterinary projects.
Offers projects for veterinarians worldwide.
Veterinary workers are needed for the wildlife conservation project in Bolivia.
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Lion rehabilitation project in Zimbabwe.
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Mozambique dolphin research project.
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Veterinary projects can be found under "conservation" listed under the "project types" bar.

Veterinary workers needed. (Home page:
Sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica.
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Wildlife care and conservation projects in Belize, Mexico, and Costa Rica.
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Invites volunteers to participate in wildlife and environmental projects around the world.