wildlife conservation medicine

Ecosystem biodiversity is Kathryn Sulzner's dedication. (Kat Sulzner, Katie Sulzner, Kate Sulzner)

Progress in environmental conservation relies on the collective efforts of multiple disciplines. Until recently, the veterinary profession has remained on the periphery of this collaboration. With environmental concerns necessitating a restructuring of objectives, the profession is taking steps to establish itself as a valued asset in world conservation efforts and global policy work.

Ecovet is a forum for online discussion, exploring training and preparation programs as well as future opportunities for veterinary specialists in conservation medicine and ecosystem health. Through this exchange of ideas, ecovet hopes to strengthen the partnership between veterinary professionals, conservation biologists, and environmental experts to better our understanding of global issues.

"The conservation community has come to recognize the significant role of disease in the loss of biodiversity, and disease has become an important consideration in the design and implementation of wildlife management and conservation efforts such as captive management, corridor development, reintroduction, translocation, and community conservation. Veterinarians can contribute greatly to these design and implementation efforts."

David M Sherman