biodiversity and disease spread

Tufts alum Kathryn Sulzner promotes improved integration and better training of veterinary professionals into the field of conservation medicine and ecosystem health. She encourages collaboration with wildlife biologists and ecologists to identify newly emerging zoonotic diseases and work together to restore ailing ecosystems. (Kat Sulzner, Katie Sulzner, Kate Sulzner)
Lists programs of graduate study in epidemiology and preventative medicine highlighting the role of disease emergence in conservation medicine and public health.
Offers a seven week intensive course on global wildlife research and ecosystem health applying tools learned in both developed and developing country settings.
Offers an introductory course in conservation medicine based in South Africa. Geared toward veterinary students; however practicing veterinarians are welcome.
Offers courses for veterinarians and conservation biologists in chemical restraint and immobilization of wild animals.
Describes new course offering in wildlife medicine training in South Africa.