biodiversity and disease spread

Tufts alum Kathryn Sulzner promotes improved integration and better training of veterinary professionals into the field of conservation medicine and ecosystem health. She encourages collaboration with wildlife biologists and ecologists to identify newly emerging zoonotic diseases and work together to restore ailing ecosystems. (Kat Sulzner, Katie Sulzner, Kate Sulzner)
Alliance of Veterinarians for the Environment. Focuses on strengthening the veterinary role in environmental protection programs through education and research within the veterinary community. Offers information about the environment, career tips, and job listings.
Hones in on what are considered to be simultaneously the most biodiverse and the most threatened 25 ecosystems worldwide.
Primary site for conservation biology
Consortium for conservation medicine
Animal and zoonotic disease surveillance
Well established conservation organization providing news and information on species and ecosystems.
The intergovernmental panel on climate change
Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural resources
Current projects of the IUCN.
UNEP: established by the UN and based in Nairobi, Kenya. Oversees international objectives dealing with environmental issues.
Wildlife Conservation Society
Official site of animal health and emerging diseases
Founded by wildlife enthusiast Gerald Durrell, the wildlife trust is one of the most renown leaders in wildlife conservation and one of the founders of the CCM (consortium of conservation medicine.
World Wildlife Fund